About us

Josonwelfare is an ideal association based on charities and humanitarian help with educational purposes. It was founded in 2015 by Mr. Joginder Pall Vimal, the founder of Joson Model School, together with his children – Mr. Arun Kumar, today’s head of Joson Model School, and Dr. Sunita Vimal, professor in Architecture at IET Bhaddal Technical Campus, Ropar, and enrolled architect in Germany.

As members of the German governmental register of welfare associations in Mannheim (since 17.08.2015, register no. 701050) Josonwelfare e.V. supports the educational facilities of Joson Model School and educational projects of the school. You may find out more about the founder, officially acknowledged Joson Model School and our future project for girls an vulnerable women. Or learn about our vision and mission, as well as about your opportunity to contribute.



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