The Founder


Mr. Joginder Pall Vimal was born in a huge and poor family of eight children in Sialkot when it was still part of British India. With the war of partition the family fled from their homeland and arrived at last in Jalandhar. There they settled in a refugee camp and later built up a house.

Mr. Joginder Pall Vimal got the opportunity to join school at the age of seven – and and he completed his high school education in 1959 with excellent marks. The opportunities of his later life that were based on that first education might be seen as the inner motive for his ongoing studies – and after all the foundation of a kindergarten and a school in his hometown as an educational support for the future of other children.

scan588 - Kopie Today Mr. Joginder Pall Vimal devotes his time to support the growth of the school he once founded and which is now headed by his son, Mr. Arun Kumar. With him and his daughter, Dr. Sunita Vimal (Professor in Architecture at IET Bhaddal Technical Campus, Ropar), Mr. Joginder Pall Vimal founded Josonwelfare in 2015.

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