A new project for women and girls

Joson Model School in Jalandahar with its co-educational approach will furthermore offer educational support. However, fostering girls and vulnerable women seems particularly reasonable.

Our future project is to build an institution especially for girls – a kindergarten and a primary school – as well as for vulnerable women. The women get the chance of further education and access to the Internet to foster autonomous information, decision and action.

We plan to build a new complex, the [Name], with kindergarten, primary school and computer center. Until that work is accomplished it is possible to especially support girls and women using the facilities of Joson Model School.

Part of [Name], our coming support center for girls and women, is also an enlargement of educational opportunities and cultural experience. Parts of such a wider curriculum shall be:

  • German language skills
  • Handcraft
  • Gardening
  • Playing music


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